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Let’s turn grueling work into a walk in the park. Our open-front cutters thrive in harsh environments thanks to the exposed high-tempered steel blades that blast through brush up to 5″ thick. The unique open front design lets you selectively cut vegetation before deck contact and then discharge the debris quickly to accelerate your job completions. The field-proven combination of the easy-to-maintain hydraulic motor and 65HP right-angle gearbox speeds up the rotation to achieve the highest torque possible while maintaining a proven tip speed. These cutters will make quick work of your tough clearing jobs.

4201 | 4801 |6601 | 7201 | 7801

Cutting Width:  42", 48", 66”, 72″, 78″
Hydraulic Flow:  10-40 GPM
Tip Speed:  8,000-19,200 ft/mn
Max Cutting Diameter: up to 5”

Geroler-style hydraulic motor with a right-angle gearbox. A 3/8” thick push bar has been added to enhance the cutting capabilities.



BRUSH WOLF HD- Open Front Series

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