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Dare we say the “The Beast” of all cutters? This fierce cutting machine is not for the faint-hearted. We beefed up the direct-drive piston motor and paired it with a massive 3.25” shaft diameter bearing housing for extreme cutting power. The unique “v-notch” design delivers a closer cut and operator precision when leveling trees and saplings. And by trees, we mean 10” thick trees. We then demanded the most robust blade carrier system on the market (there are two to choose from), so you’ll get the performance and power to master the toughest, most demanding jobs.


HD Motor for 23-32 GPM

XP Motor for 33-45 GPM

Weight 2,320 lbs

75.25 inch overall width


1" GRD-50 Disc

(3) HD Blades 18x8.5x0.625 non-updraft


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