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Dipperox SC400 is designed to be used in populated places (private gardens, parks and urban areas etc), where full size careers are too bulky to use. Which makes it a great tool for gardeners, arborists and other professionals.

Compared with self-propelled grinders, it has number of benefits:

  • Its hydraulic engine produces a massive, 13 000 N of torque, providing enough power for low RPM cutting. This avoids aggressive contact between the blades and the rocks in the ground.
  • Compared with high-speed grinders, It doesn’t need a huge safety zone, as there are no fast moving blades to spread around the debris.
  • All the debris will stay next to the drilling position, the cleaning will take much less time
  •  Reduced noise pollution, compared with hihg-speed grinders –great tool for urban environment
  • Allows to remove stumps from locations with limited access (next to buildings or surrounded with tarmac, stones etc)

SC400 can be used with variety of carriers like

  • mini excavators (1,5-5t) 
  • All kind of loaders
  • Stand on utility track loaders
  • etc

Requirements for the carrier:
size 1-5 t;
engine power 35-60 kW;
working pressure 110-250bar;
hydraulic flow 30-130 l/min

Dipperfox SC400

$17,945.00 Regular Price
$15,253.45Sale Price
  • for carriers with flow of 8 to 34 GPM

    Comes with your choice of Universal Skid Mount plate or Mini Skid Plate.  

    Special order hanger brackets for excavators are available.  Call for Price.

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