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Your Equipment, Our Expertise


We buy. We Sell. We Auction

Never have there been more options to sell your equipment than in today's marketplace.  With over 25 years of experience in the equipment markets, we understand how to maximize values for our clients.

Our Clients hire us because we know how to market and sell.  Our customers buy from us because they know we say it like it is and they know what to expect.

If you have a piece of Construction, Agriculture, or Transportation equipment give us a call for a FREE analysis.  We will give you some expert advice and then the decision is yours.

Option #1We buy your equipment.  We will offer you a fair wholesale price that turns your equipment into cash and we assume the risk of ownership.

Option #2- You consign your equipment with us and we sell it on your behalf.  You maintain ownership and hire us to market it, take calls on it, vett the customers, sell it, and collect the proceeds.  Sometimes we use private treaty; sometimes we use auctions.  But in the end, you are in control and calling the shots.  We collect a minimal selling fee and you maximize your value.  

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